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  • EB is an interactive online English learning and knowledge-building programme for secondary students.
  • Fun and Friends is an interactive online English language programme that uses award-winning animations, stories and videos to engage and motivate children to learn English.
  • Fun and Friends Book Club provides a set of fun, interactive readers that develop and enhance your child's English-language skills from reading and listening, to speaking and storytelling!
  • ENG is a new series developed to help students learn and use English across the curriculum, using multimedia content from National Geographic.
  • SD2 is an English skills development programme designed to help students achieve success in the HKDSE exam.
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Fun and Friends
Book Club


Installation and login

1.1 How can I get the EB User Manual?
1.2 What is the system requirement of EB?
1.3 How can I download the necessary software?

Before you start the installation, please be sure that you have Windows administrator rights to access your computer.

By plug-in detection and download page

English Builder will automatically detect your computer and request you to install the missing software plug-in before you start a lesson.

The required software plug-ins are Adobe Flash Player (version 10 or above). You may download them by clicking the Download button from the plug-ins detection page as shown below.

For direct download

If you need an alternative way to download the software plug-ins, you may find the direct download link below:

If you need further information, you can email our Customer Service Department at mo@wiseman.com.hk or call our service hotline (852) 3188 2600 during our office hours. Please state clearly your School Name, Class and Username.

1.4 What should I do if I forget my password?
1.5 What should I consider when choosing a name in the profile?
1.6 How to downlaod EB Mobile App

Questions during lessons

2.1 I can’t start my lesson and “Lesson Timeout” is shown. What should I do?
2.2 I can't do the Speaking exercise. What should I do?
2.3 Why do we have “Easy” and “Challenging” sub-levels to choose from?
2.4 What are the differences between the two sub-levels?
2.5 Why some lessons are locked in the lesson list?
2.6 I can only see a blank screen with a red ‘X’ cross when I click on the lesson. What should I do?

About submission

3.1 Can I re-do my submitted lessons or part of exercises?
3.2 How can I revise the lessons after submission?

Score and answers

4.1 Some students are copying answers online. How can we avoid it?
4.2 Why do we show the answers? Doesn’t this help students to cheat?


5.1 How often will the Rankings be updated?


6.1 Why do we start with listening for English learning?

EB Mobile

7.1 What should I do when 'Failed to fetch user profile data' appears on my Android device after I click on the EB Mobile app?
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