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Name True or False: Planets
Suggested Grade S1
Author Melvin and Gilda Berger
Author's Background "Melvin Berger Melvin Berger was born in 1927 and grew up during the Great Depression. While his parents struggled to keep food on the table, they encouraged their son to develop his talents with whatever resources were available, and young Melvin found escape from daily troubles in playing music and reading all the books in the local library. In college he studied electrical engineering as well as music, and afterwards played viola professionally before getting a Master's degree in music education. His first book for children, Science and Music, combined his interests perfectly, and set the stage for a long career writing fascinating nonfiction for young people. In 1957, Melvin Berger married Gilda Shulman (now Gilda Berger), also a noted author of children's nonfiction. The two have collaborated on many books, including the ongoing Scholastic Question-and-Answer series. Writing has enabled Berger to answer many of his own questions, as well; he enjoys research and finds that working on one book almost inevitably raises enough issues to lead to another. The Bergers have two daughters and live near the beach in East Hampton, New York. Gilda Berger Gilda Berger was born in the New York City borough of the Bronx on June 30, 1935. She earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education from New York's City College and became a special education teacher. Her many years addressing the special needs of youngsters with learning and physical disabilities have contributed to her success as a writer: Berger specializes in making difficult or complex topics accessible and clear to children of all ages and abilities. Her variety of interests can be seen in the topics she has written about over the years - they range from the disabilities she has dealt with in her work to societal issues such as drug addiction to animal and human biology. Her introduction to the stories and customs of the Jewish holidays, Celebrate!, received considerable critical acclaim. Since 1957, Gilda Berger has been married to author Melvin Berger. They are the parents of two children, and live in East Hampton, New York, where they enjoy walking on the beach. The Bergers have often collaborated in their writing, and are the co-creators of the Scholastic Question-and-Answer Books, a series of books on science topics for elementary-aged children."
Publisher Scholastic
Category Geography
Description Is Saturn the only planet that has rings? Is Jupiter's great red spot a storm? Is it windy on Earth's moon?


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