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Name Riding the Black Cockatoo
Suggested Grade S5
Author John Danalis
Author's Background John Danalis is the author and illustrator of Bath Monster, Dog 37, and Uncle Lou's Tattoos. He has illustrated numerous other titles, including Licking Lizards, Girl in the Cave, and Loku and the Shark Attack. Boori Monty Pryor is the coauthor of Flytrap and Njunjul the Sun.
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Category English
Description As a boy, John Danalis never thought to ask why an Aboriginal skull sat on the mantelpiece at home. The skull was just "Mary", and had always been there. Years later, he did ask why. He asked whose skull it was and where it belonged. Finding out the answers to these questions took him on an extraordinary journey, ending with a ceremonial handover and Mary's return to Wamba Wamba country.


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