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Name Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Suggested Grade S1
Author Michael Anthony Steele
Author's Background "Michael Anthony Steele has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. He has worked in many capacities of film and television production from props and special effects all the way up to writing and directing.
For the past seventeen years, Mr. Steele has written exclusively for family entertainment. For television and video, he began as a staff writer for Wishbone on PBS. Later, he wrote twenty-five episodes for Barney & Friends, was the contributing writer on fifteen Barney videos, and wrote four videos for Boz, the Green Bear Next Door.
For Publishing, Mr. Steele has authored more than ninety-five books for various characters and brands including: Batman, Green Lantern, Shrek, LEGO City, Spider-Man, Word Girl, Garfield, Speed Racer, Night at the Museum, and The Penguins of Madagascar.
For the past six years, Mr. Steele has visited schools and libraries across the country. His exciting author visits include audiovisual elements that show writing tricks and techniques, explain behind-the-scenes action from his days of working in the movies, and incorporate music and storytelling. The theme of his presentations is how each of the students can achieve their dreams if they keep telling themselves the four simple words that he uses, “I Can Do That!”
Mr. Steele can be contacted through his website: MichaelAnthonySteele.com"
Publisher Scholastic
Category English
Description Larry Daley has left his job as a night guard at the Museum of Natural History, and is now a rich businessman. Then he hears that his old friends - Teddy Roosevelt and the other exhibits - are moving to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. And when the Tablet of Ahkmenrah brings all the exhibits in the Smithsonian to life, the trouble really starts ...


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