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  • EB is an interactive online English learning and knowledge-building programme for secondary students.
  • Fun and Friends is an interactive online English language programme that uses award-winning animations, stories and videos to engage and motivate children to learn English.
  • Fun and Friends Book Club provides a set of fun, interactive readers that develop and enhance your child's English-language skills from reading and listening, to speaking and storytelling!
  • ENG is a new series developed to help students learn and use English across the curriculum, using multimedia content from National Geographic.
  • SD2 is an English skills development programme designed to help students achieve success in the HKDSE exam.
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Reading Experience Forum

2019 2018

Jayden Lou

After using this online programme for a year, I become one of the Top 10 highest score students in Macau. Firstly, this programme helps me to improve my English reading, listening and writing skills. Secondly, it also allows me to review and practise my skills. Much thanks to this programme so that I can be prepared for English lessons in secondary school. I'll see you on June 22 at the Awards Ceremony!





Shao Wai U Cathy

I like the 'Fun and Friends' learning programme. It is really fun and friendly. Whenever I study well and answer the questions correctly, the programme will give me a lot of encouragements. The bonus videos are also good, giving me so much fun and letting me be more interested in learning. Since it is fun and friendly, I can learn repeatedly without pressure. I also like how I can look at the old lessons and review my progress anytime and anywhere.

In just a year, I have learnt many new vocabulary, sentences, reading and writing skills. I learn all of these through the easy-to-understand and interesting story sessions. I can learn during my leisure time at home while having fun.

Gunawan Terrence

Dear all,

My name is Gunawan Terrence, I would like to share my experience of using Fun and Friends. I do Fun and Friends at least one time per week. The lessons include singing, watching video and reading. I love the singing part because the songs are good and I am happy to improve my English through Fun and Friends.

Thank you!


Choi Man Chon 蔡文俊




Chio Keng Hei 招敬熙


我是濠江中學附屬小學一四班招敬熙,我很多謝學校設計Fun and Friends 這個平台給我們學習。這個平台對我們平時學習英文有很大幫助,例如教學影片隨時可以重溫,而且學習後可以即時做練習立刻可以致用,所以我好喜歡,一放學回來就會做好英文網上功課。我也好多謝我的哥哥和家人,有時候我遇到一些英文上的困難,哥哥都會很用心的為我解釋。

我非常高興拿到這個獎, 多謝我的哥哥、家人,和學校各位老師,我會繼續努力加油! 我也希望各位同學和我一樣喜歡做這個平台的英文功課。

祝大家今個暑假活動開心, 快樂,身體健康!