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Name The Gift of the Magi
Suggested Grade P6
Author O.Henry
Author's Background O. Henry is the pen name of American writer William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862 - June 5, 1910). O. Henry short stories are known for wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and clever twist endings. Among his more famous offerings are "The Ransom of Red Chief," in which bumbling kidnappers abduct a lad so obnoxious that they are forced to pay the father to take him back, and "The Gift of the Magi," about a couple who so much want to give each other a Christmas gift that they each sell their most precious possession to buy the gift, and in so doing render each other's gift "useless." This story is recited countless times every Christmas to demonstrate the power of giving, echoing the words of Jesus that "it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Publisher Compass Publishing
Category English
Description Della and Jim are poor, but they love each other very much. At Christmas, they both want to find the best gift for each other. But they have a problem. They have no money for gifts. Then they both have the same idea. They can sell something special. With the money, they can buy gifts for Christmas. What can each one sell? The answer may surprise you.

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