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  • EB is an interactive online English learning and knowledge-building programme for secondary students.
  • Fun and Friends is an interactive online English language programme that uses award-winning animations, stories and videos to engage and motivate children to learn English.
  • Fun and Friends Book Club provides a set of fun, interactive readers that develop and enhance your child's English-language skills from reading and listening, to speaking and storytelling!
  • ENG is a new series developed to help students learn and use English across the curriculum, using multimedia content from National Geographic.
  • SD2 is an English skills development programme designed to help students achieve success in the HKDSE exam.
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Reading Experience Forum


May 2017
  1. Rachel Fong
    I love Fun and Friends. It's the best online exercise I have ever done. The exercises are appropriate for children. I really enjoy doing Fun and Friends. When I do the exercises, I can relax and have fun. Whenever I login Fun and Friends, I look forward to learn something. I found that Fun and Friends is interesting. If you are looking for some interesting online exercises, Fun and Friends is right for you!
Jan 2017
  1. Lei, Delfina
    Fun and Friends is an awesome online learning programme. The videos and pictures are suitable for us. Sometimes, the questions are hard and I will get the wrong answers. But I will try my best to reach my goal (100%) every time. For me, the actual achievement is learning, receiving certificates is not the important thing.
    Sometimes when I feel bored, I will login my Fun and Friends account to watch the videos and have fun.
    At last, I would like to encourage other students to do Fun and Friends.
Dec 2016
  1. Wong Ieok Lam Zaira
    Hello everyone I am Zaira. Fun and Friends is awesome. It is one of the most interesting online homework. I can learn many things from it. I like many of the topics. Halloween Fun is one of the most interesting topics. I wish I could help other children when I grow up.
Jun 2016
  1. Devara Gabriel Wangke
    In this lesson, I learned that we need to help people in poor countries, such as Africa. We need to help them by sending doctors there to cure the sick people.
    Perhaps, we can organize a fundraising event to send money there. I promise to try my best to help them.
  2. De Sousa Viviana Casandra
    Thanks to my family for supporting me to join the online learning ‘Fun and Friends’. I am glad that I got the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ and ‘Pupil Of The Year 2015-2016’. For the whole year, I faced many different challenges in “Fun and Friends”. Once I even wanted to give up. But my parents told me that I should never give up in any situation, even if I make mistakes because I will learn a lot from it, and so I kept on. I learned a lot of vocabulary, grammar and sentences in English. I will keep on doing ‘Fun and Friends’ and I believe that my English will continue to improve.
May 2016
  1. Lam Weng In
    I think that Fun and Friends help me a lot for understanding the words and others. It is fun when I do the lessons. I have been doing Fun and Friends for 2 years, but it is never boring. It is always full of surprises. I think this is why it’s called learning in a fun way.
  2. Delfina Lei
    Hi! My name is Delfina, I am 10 years old. I really enjoy doing Fun and Friends because this programme helps me a lot. It helps me improve my listening and spelling skills. In addition, I also like the videos of the lessons because they are interesting. In conclusion, I think it is a really good programme and I hope that more people will join this programme!
  3. Van Ut Teng Vanessa
    I started doing Fun and Friends in 2006. When I started doing the lessons, I got wrong in all questions. It is probably because I don’t understand what it means. When I kept doing the lessons every day, I found that my English has improved a lot! Now, I get the second position! I believe that my English will be improved from today onwards.
  4. Gabee Leong
    I love the lesson ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ very much. It is very important to save the environment. We must learn to reduce, reuse and recycle. The lesson teaches me how to follow these rules!
February 2016
  1. Alice Kong Sin U
    I started to do EB this year and I found that it is very useful and interesting. After watching the videos, I will try my best to get a higher score and get a good result in the rankings. EB helps me improve my English a lot. Finally, I would like to thank my school to encourage us to do EB. If we do it, we will get some extra marks.
January 2016
  1. Lou Weng Sam Winsome
    This passage tells us some interesting facts about good luck and bad luck, for example if you break a mirror, you will have bad luck for seven years. But if you throw some salt over your shoulder quickly, then you can stop the bad luck.
    This may sound crazy to some of you (just like me) but for the people who believe in this may really beware of breaking a mirror and always remember to bring salt everywhere. No matter whether you believe it or not, we also have to be cautious about some bad luck that will affect our lives because it’s dangerous.
    Many people may be crazy because of believing good luck and bad luck, but it is up to you to believe it or not.
December 2015
  1. Tam Chin Seng
    I am very happy that I got the "Most Improved Student Award". I do the online reading programme every Monday and every time I get all correct. It makes me feel that learning English is not difficult. I want to say thank you to Wiseman to provide me an interesting course.
  2. Koon Un I
    There are many items in the online reading programme. My favourite item is "Playground". There are two different places in the "Playground". They are "Aquarium" and "Space Farm".
    I can buy some interesting pets and I can earn the points by completing the reading exercise. Then I can use the points to buy the interesting pets. For me, I bought a green fish in the "Aquarium" and a yellow space hen in the "Space Farm".
    Finally, I hope that I can have many different interesting animals in the future. From now on, I need to do more exercises.
  3. Millie Un Ion Cheng
    I started doing Fun and Friends since Primary 2 and I am doing EB now. I love doing the programmes very much because they are very useful and interesting. The videos in Fun and Friends are fun and I learn a lot of knowledge from the videos in EB. They catch my eye and I can't divert my attention from them. I can read the passages and I learned grammar and social issues in the programmes. They improved my English a lot. I want to say thank you to Wiseman again and again and I will ask my classmates to do it. I hope that we can keep doing EB and Fun and Friends in the future.
November 2015
  1. Edna Ritchie
    The first time when I read my first chapter book, I was curious. The title is pretty interesting. Then I could not stop reading it! I hope my sharing can encourage other students to read and do the exercises! I love the course!
  2. Chloe Aristella Lee
    There are a lot of games and the song is so great! That is why I like Fun and Friends so much.
    I love Fun and Friends because it has improved my English. I love the character Boots best. I think it's a clever and cute monkey. I will not forget the monkey likes strawberry ice cream!
  4. Iao Chong Kuan
    I am very happy to do the e-learning programme. I love it very much. All the lessons are wonderful. I will work harder to get 100% in my assessment and quizzes. Thank you for providing the e-learning programme for us and it has improved my English and writing skills.
  5. Cheung Ying Hong
    I finished lesson 12 and I think that this lesson is very useful. In this lesson, I learnt the sounds like "in, it" and "ix". At first, I watched a video about the sounds. The video only showed the mouth and I could read out the words after watching the video. Then, there were some exercises to do. They were very easy and I like it very much. At last, I could listen to the words again. Finally, I want to say thank you to Wiseman. This is because I can learn the sounds by using the Internet. I think that learning English is easy now.
October 2015
  1. Angelina
    Hello! I am so happy to do the e-learning programme again. It’s nice to know different films and actors. It helps me to improve my English.
    I love the Paddington lessons. It’s such a fun. I have also watched this movie and the bear is very funny. Thanks for all the wonderful lessons.
  2. Harprita
    I have a lot of reading experience through the e-learning programme. It is fun. I learned to be kind, helpful and respect others through watching the videos and doing the lessons. Besides, I learned different things through different parts like Listening and Speaking, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing and Game. I love doing the e-learning programme. I especially love doing Reading and Writing, Games and Listening and Speaking. In Listening and Speaking, I really love the Paddington Bear. In Reading and Writing, I enjoy doing the spelling test because it helps me to improve my spelling.